VNH3ASP30 DC Motor Driver Shield


Package Includes

  • 1x VNH3ASP30 DC Motor Driver Shield
  • 1x 40-Way Straight SIL Pin Header

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This motor driver shield is a breakout board for two ST-Micro VNH3ASP30 full-bridge motor driver chips. Each chip incorporates a dual monolithic high-side driver and two low-side switches for full-bridge operation. The input signals INA and INB can directly interface with a microcontroller to select the motor direction and the brake condition. Pins DIAGA/ENA or DIAGB/ENB, when connected to an external pull-up resistor, enable one leg of the bridge. They also provide a feedback digital diagnostic signal. The CS pin monitors the motor current by delivering a current proportional to its value. The speed of the motor can be controlled in all possible conditions by the PWM up to 20kHz. In all cases, a low level state on the PWM pin will turn off both the LSA and LSB switches. When the PWM rises to a high level, LSA or LSB turn on again depending on the input pin state.

Features / Specs

  • Main IC: ST-Micro VNH3ASP30
  • Operating Voltage: 5.5V – 16VDC
  • Max Continuous Output Current: 30A
  • Practical Continuous Current (Max): 14A
  • MOSFET RDS(On): 42mΩ (Per Leg)
  • Max PWM Frequency: 20kHz
  • Current-sense output proportional to motor current
  • Very low standby power consumption
  • 5V logic level compatible inputs
  • Protection Features: Overvoltage Clamp; Undervoltage and Overvoltage Shutdown; Thermal Shutdown
  • Compatible Arduino Boards: Arduino Uno R3 (Including Clones)
  • Dimensions: ~(59.5mm x 53.2mm x 12.3mm)


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