USB Type-C PD Trigger Module – ZY12PDN


Package Includes

  • 1x USB Type-C PD Trigger Module – ZY12PDN

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USB Type-C PD (Power Delivery) trigger module which gives the user easy access to the various voltages available through USB Type-C power protocols. The power delivery control chip supports a multitude of power delivery protocols with a maximum power rating of 100W – that’s as much as 20V @ 5A if connected to a compatible power supply.

Features / Specs

  • Board Model No: ZY12PDN
  • Board Manufacturer: YZX Studio
  • Power Delivery Control Chip: Possibly OnSemi FUSB302 or compatible Clone (Difficult to tell from chip markings)
  • Microcontroller: ST-Micro STM32F030
  • Supported Protocols: PD2.0 / PD3.0
  • Available Output Voltages: 5VDC / 9VDC / 12VDC / 15VDC / 20VDC (Use push button to cycle through various output voltages)
  • Power Rating (Max): 100W
  • USB Connector: USB Type-C Female Socket
  • Available Output Connector Footprints: 5mm Pitch 2-Way Terminal Block / USB Type-A Female Socket
  • Dimensions: ~(31mm x 15.1mm x 4.3mm)

Operation Overview

Please see the instructional guides in the Resources section below.



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