Passive Buzzer Module Type 1


Package Includes

  • 1x Passive Buzzer Module – Type 1

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This module is a breakout board for a passive buzzer. Passive buzzers require you to do a little more work than their active buzzer brethren. In order to generate a tone with one of these buzzers the user needs to feed in an oscillating waveform, with the amplitude of this waveform being directly proportional to the “loudness” of the sound that is produced. The main advantage that passive buzzers have over active buzzers, is that they can be used to generate tones at different frequencies.

Features / Specs

  • Model: KY-006
  • Operating Voltage: 1.5 – 15VDC
  • Operating Current: < 25mA
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 2.5kHz
  • Connect Ground to the “-” pin, and connect your driving signal to the “S” pin
Dimensions 18.5 × 15 × 10 mm
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