Mega2560 Pro


Package Includes

  • 1x Mega2560 Pro
  • 1x 32-Way DIL Straight Pin Header
  • 1x 42-Way DIL Straight Pin Header
  • 1x 6-Way DIL Straight Pin Header

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The Mega2560 Pro board is based on the ATmega2560 microcontroller combined with a CH340G for USB-UART communication. The board has a compact form factor of 55mm x 38mm and is an excellent option for developing space constrained projects based on the ATmega2560. The board has a Micro USB connector providing power and a serial connection for programming / serial communication.

Features / Specs

  • Microcontroller: Atmel ATmega2560
  • Operating Voltage: 5VDC
  • Input Voltage Range: 6-9VDC
  • Input Voltage (Max): 12VDC
  • Digital I/O Pins: 54 (Of which 15 provide PWM output)
  • Analog Input Pins: 16
  • DC Current per I/O Pin: 20mA
  • DC Current for 5V Pin: 800mA
  • DC Current for 3.3V Pin: 800mA
  • Flash Memory: 256kB (8kB used by bootloader)
  • SRAM: 8kB
  • EEPROM: 4kB
  • Clock Speed: 16MHz
  • Dimensions: ~(54.5mm x 38.5mm)



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