MAX30102 Heart Rate Sensor


Package Includes

  • 1x MAX30102 Heart Rate Sensor Board
  • 1x 8-Way SIL Straight Pin Header
  • 1x 8-Way SIL Right Angle Pin Header

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This tiny module is a breakout board for the Maxim MAX30102 which is a high-sensitivity pulse oximeter and heart-rate sensor for wearable health. The sensor relies on two integrated LEDs, a photosensitive element, and a very accurate and advanced low noise analog front end to provide clean and accurate readings. It is enough to place an index finger on top of the sensor to get both heart rate and blood oxygen saturation readings via the I2C interface. Features such as the Ambient Light Cancellation (ALC) and the discrete time filters ensure that no ambient light or 50/60Hz hum is interfering with the readings.

Features / Specs

  • Sensor: Maxim MAX30102
  • Supply Voltage Range: 3.3V – 5.0VDC
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3VDC (Default) / Can be changed to to 1.8VDC with SMD jumper
  • Supply Current (Typical): 600µA, 0.7µA when in Shutdown Mode
  • Communication Interface: I2C
  • IR LED Peak Wavelength (Typical): 880nm
  • Red LED Peak Wavelength (Typical): 660nm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Slot Dimensions: ~(0.5mm x 8.5mm)
  • Board Dimensions: ~(15.7mm x 20.8mm x 2.9mm)

Pin Description

  • VIN-> Supply Voltage (3.3V – 5.0VDC)
  • SDA-> I2C Data (Bidirectional, Open-Drain)
  • SCL-> I2C Clock Input
  • GND-> Ground
  • INT-> Active Low Interrupt Output (Open-Drain)
  • IRD-> Connected to Anode of IR LED. Can be used to manually drive IR LED. Leave NC if not used.
  • RD-> Connected to Anode of Red LED. Can be used to manually drive Red LED. Leave NC if not used.
  • GND-> Ground


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