L298P DC Motor Driver Shield


Package Includes

  • 1x L298P DC Motor Driver Shield
  • 2x 6-Way Female Pin Headers
  • 2x 8-Way Female Pin Headers

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Features / Specs

  • Main IC: ST-Micro L298P
  • Driver Operating Voltage (Max): 18VDC
  • Logic Supply Voltage: 3.3VDC / 5VDC (Selectable with solderable jumper)
  • Driver Current Rating: 2A per Channel / Bridge
  • Dual Full Bridge Drivers allow the user to control two separate motors
  • Independent direction, speed and braking for each motor
  • Motor direction indication LEDs
  • Screw terminals for easy connection to motors and external power
  • Compatible Arduino Boards: Arduino Uno R3 (Including Clones)
  • Dimensions: ~(53.7mm x 60mm x 12.2mm)


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