IP2312 Lithium Fast Charge Module


Package Includes

  • 1x IP2312 Lithium Fast Charge Module

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Features / Specs

  • Control Chip: INJOINIC IP2312
  • Input Voltage Range: 4.5 – 5.5VDC (Supplying more than 5.5VDC can damage the chip)
  • Compatible Battery Type: Lithium Ion & Lithium Polymer (3.7V)
  • Charge Cut-Off Voltage: 4.2V / 4.35V (Selectable with SMD jumper)
  • Max Charge Current: 3A (Adjustable with SMD resistor)
  • Conversion Efficiency: 3A @ 93% / 2A @ 94% / 1A @ 95%
  • Indication LEDs: Red LED indicates power; Blue LED indicates charge complete
  • Protection: This board does not include a fault indication LED and does not have battery protection circuitry
  • Dimensions: ~(34.5mm x 15mm x 4.8mm)

Operation Overview

  • If the connected battery is below 3VDC, the charger will deliver 100mA of trickle charge current until the battery reaches 3VDC
  • Once the connected battery has reached 3VDC, then the charger switches to CC (Constant Current) mode, and charges at the preset current limit
  • Refer to the image for the location of the current setting resistor. Default (47kΩ) is 3A, open is 2.1A, and 135kΩ is 1A.
  • Constant current mode will continue until the battery voltage is close to 4.2VDC and charging current has dropped to 300mA. At this point the charger switches to CV (Constant Voltage) mode
  • Once in CV mode, the charge will stop charging every 4 minutes to check if the battery voltage is higher than 4.15V. If it is charging will stop, if it is not then charging will continue for another 4 minutes before stopping to check again.
  • If the charger has detected that the battery is full, it will only begin charging again if the battery voltage drops below 4.1VDC


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