HY-SRF05 Ultrasonic Module


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  • 1x HY-SRF05 Ultrasonic Module

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This ultrasonic module uses a separate transmitter and receiver and has all the accompanying hardware necessary to send and receive ultrasonic pulses. These sensors are able to measure distance by using high frequency, inaudible ultrasonic waves. When triggered, the module sends out a few of these waves and receives the same waves reflected back from the target (If there is one within range). The distance between the module and the target can then be calculated from the transmission and reception time of the waves. The module outputs a high pulse on the “Echo” pin with a pulse width equal to the time that it took the ultrasonic waves to travel to the target and then back to the sensor. All that is left for you to do is measure the time of the output pulse, do a simple calculation, and voila you have a distance reading.

Although this module and the HC-SR04 are very similar, people who have used the HY-SRF05 modules have reported that the they are more reliable and are able to detect objects at a higher maximum range (As far as 600cm). We still need to confirm these facts through our own testing, so these are not definite specs as yet.

Features / Specs

  • Model: HY-SRF05
  • Operating Frequency: 40kHz
  • Sensing Angle: 15° Maximum
  • Detection Range: 2 – 450cm
  • Resolution: 2mm
  • Quiescent Current: < 2mA
  • Average Operating Current: 15mA
  • Operating Voltage: 4.0 – 5.0VDC
  • Output Type: Digital (High level is the same as the supply voltage)


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