DS18B20 Temperature Probe 6x50mm – 1m


Package Includes

  • 1x DS18B20 Temperature Probe 6x50mm – 1 Meter Length

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This temperature probe contains a DS18B20 digital thermometer sealed inside a stainless steel sheath. Perfect for accurate temperature measurements in wet environments. The probe has a 3-core cable attached to it, allowing you to keep any connected electronics a safe distance away from whatever it is you are measuring.

The DS18B20 provides 9 to 12-Bit (configurable) temperature measurements and also features an alarm function with non-volatile user-programmable upper and lower trigger points. It is able to communicate over a 1-Wire bus that by definition requires only one data line (and ground) for communication with a central microprocessor. Power can be supplied via the VDD wire, or directly from the data line (parasitic power) – in the second method only two wires are required instead of three. Lastly, each DS18B20 has a unique 64-bit serial code which allows multiple DS18B20’s to function on the same 1-Wire bus. This makes it a simple task to use one microprocessor to control many DS18B20’s distributed over a large area.

Features / Specs

  • Manufacturer: DALIN Technology
  • Temperature Sensor: DS18B20 (Unknown Brand)
  • Operating Voltage: 2.7 ~ 5.5VDC
  • Sensor Resolution: 9 to 12 Bits (Max Resolution of 0.0625°C)
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Sensor Accuracy (-10°C to +85°C): ±0.5°C
  • Sensor Accuracy (-55°C to +125°C): ±2°C
  • Temperature Conversion Time (Max): 750ms
  • Operating Current (Typical): 1mA @ 3VDC
  • Comms Interface: 1-Wire Bus
  • Cable Material: Black PVC
  • Cable OD: ~3.0mm
  • Cable Length: 1 Meter
  • Sheath Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Sheath Dimensions: 6 x 50mm
  • Electrical Stress Test: 1800VAC; I=0.5mA; 10 seconds


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