Crimping Tool Jaw – Colors 2549


Package Includes

  • 1x 2549 Crimping Jaw
  • NOTE: Crimping Tool Sold Separately

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Crimping tool jaw which can be used for uninsulated XH style terminals.

NOTE: This crimping tool jaw does NOT include a crimping tool, and cannot be used without one. Please see below for compatible crimping tools.

Features / Specs

  • Manufacturer: Three Colors Tools
  • Crimping Jaw Model: 2549
  • Compatible Terminals: Uninsulated XH Style Terminals
  • Compatible Wire Diameter: 0.14 – 1.5mm2

Jaw Replacement Notes

  • The ratcheting mechanism can be adjusted to change the gap between the crimping jaws when the tool is fully closed.
  • Adjustment is required and is based on the jaw being used. The crimping tool will not operate correctly without making the necessary adjustment.
  • To adjust the ratcheting mechanism, simply remove the screw holding it in place, and while opening and closing the tool, use a small screw driver to work the mechanism into the desired position. This can be done with very little force. Once in position, re-insert the screw to hold the new position.
  • We have included an image with the jaw inserted into the crimping tool. Please use this as a reference for jaw orientation and the ratchet mechanism setting.

Compatible Crimping Tools


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