4056 Lipo Charger With Boost Converter


Package Includes

  • 1x 4056 Lipo Charger With Boost Converter

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Features / Specs

  • Charger Chip: 4056A
  • Input Voltage Range: 4.5 – 8VDC
  • USB Connector Type: Micro USB
  • Constant Charge Current: 1A Default (Can be adjusted – Requires soldering)
  • Trickle Charge Current: 130mA Default
  • Battery Compatibility: Lithium Ion / Lithium Polymer (Single Cell – 1S)
  • Charge Voltage: ~4.2VDC
  • Boost Converter Output Voltage Range: 4.3 – 27VDC
  • Boost Converter Max Power Rating: 7.2W
  • Boost Converter Quiescent Current: ~0.5mA
  • Does not have over discharge protection for connected battery
  • Indication LEDs: Red LED indicates charging; Green LED indicates charge complete; Both LEDs will be off when input voltage is disconnected
  • Turning Trimpot counter-clockwise will increase the output voltage
  • Dimensions: ~(33mm x 23mm x 4.5mm)


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